We’re Ave-
Natur and
we’re from
We’re Ave-Natur and
we’re from Finland

We created Ave-Natur to bring a taste of Finland to the world.
We wanted to share with you the taste of our food – like the golden oats and juicy berries we grow here – but also a taste of our culture.
We work mindfully, with respect for the environment and for each other.
We are natural innovators, who believe that doing the right thing doesn’t mean making compromises but, rather, doing things better.
And our products are proof that food can be better: better for the environment, better for our bodies, and better-tasting.
We believe that our oat-based dairy products are the way forward. And we’re confident that when you get to know us, you will too.
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Less land usage
  • Less water usage
  • No harm to animals
  • Recyclable packaging