Vegan Oat Salty Caramel Sauce
Vegan Oat Salty Caramel Sauce


  • Ave-Natur Oat For Cooking 250g
  • Brown sugar 120g
  • Vegetable oil 2tsp
  • Spoon vanilla extract, Pinch of salt 1tsp


  1. Put vegetable oil and sugar into a pot, cook on medium heat, and let the sugar dissolve and caramelise, for around 5min
  2. Add Ave-Natur Oat For Cooking and keep stirring
  3. Cook 5-7min, stir occasionally
  4. Remove from heat, add vanilla and salt

Jaakko Sorsa

Jaakko started his culinary career 27 years ago, apprenticing with Finnish and Swedish master chefs and gaining a solid foundation in classical cooking techniques. In 2004, Jaakko arrived in Hong Kong to open FINDS with the goal of introducing true Nordic flavors to the Asian palate.

In 2011, Jaakko was invited to plan and prepare a modern Finnish dinner for Princess Takamado of Japan, where he drew upon his experiences preparing private dinners for other royalty including the Princess of Sweden.

In 2019 Jaakko was hired as an Executive Chef by the Frantzén Group, which is behind three Michelin-starred Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm and three Michelin-starred Restaurant Zen in Singapore.

Jaakko is now the full-time Executive Chef for Ocean Table where he oversees all culinary experiences and coordinates culinary collaborations with the region’s top chefs.

– Profile photo by davidhartung